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About Us

Rebekah Bradshaw Anderson has more than 23 years of experience in the communication and management-consulting fields.  She founded The Bradshaw Group in 1996 after serving on the executive team of Accenture.

Rebekah has a knack for taking the complex and simplifying it into concrete principles that people can easily understand and work with.  Her style is direct, flexible and often quick-witted.  She is very effective in working with people in all levels of an organization from top executives to middle-managers to hourly employees. 

The Bradshaw Group focuses in five key areas: 

Leadership and Executive Development.  The stronger your employees, the better their results.  We develop customized programs to help your groups improve their skills.  Common areas include: Leadership, Powerhouse Communications, Coaching, Effective Teams, Managing the People Side of Change and on the list goes. People develop skills, techniques and tools they can immediately implement. 

Meeting Design and Facilitation:  We use a variety of facilitation techniques to help you achieve your desired results.  We help groups generate ideas, resolve issues, improve teamwork, create visions, revise work processes, and more.  We've helped the best of teams and the most dysfunctional of teams.


Motivational Speaking:  Ask about our board-breaking.  This is a favorite with many groups and can turn a standard meeting into a memorable event.  Board-breaking serves as a physical metaphor for people and organizations to "break through" barriers and achieve new levels of success.  People break a 1x12x8" board with their hand.  Board-breaking does not require strength; it's a combined approach of focus, strategy and belief in oneself. 


Change Navigation:  We specialize in managing the people side of change.  Companies often spend thousands and millions of dollars to implement change but forget their most important commodity -- their employees.  We design programs to help companies introduce, sponsor and manage major change initiatives.  We also help develop and transition new cultures.


Communications:  We develop internal and external communications strategy, with an emphasis on targeting specific messages to employees, customers and shareholders.

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